All these soundbanks, presets and sound design/performance tools are free to download and use in your own music (including commercial) as long as I am acknowledged and my stuff is not redistributed or resold without my permission.

Donations are not required but are appreciated and help me to purchase new plugins which I use to create new soundbanks and Kore templates for - so what you give you receive - thankyou


Sound Design

Quick links
1) Synth and effects presets
2) Native Instruments Kore templates
3) Kore templates by Losan
4) Reaktor ensembles

1) Synth and effects presets

Tapestry for AirMusicTech Loom

This new bank of 64 morphing presets, is for the fantastic modular additive synth from AirMusicTech, Loom. It can be freely downloaded from here, but if you like it or use it a lot please donate using the above link. All sounds are designed to make use of the morph XY pad in two ways; you can play it manually, or turn on automorph to make the sound morph along the preprogrammed path.

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine).
NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

Mutant Bass

Mutant Bass represents the evolution of bass, resulting from the fusion of basses with drones and soundscapes. In this bank of 64 new patches for GlitchMachine's granular sampler/synth, Polygon, you will find deep sustained industrial bass-scapes, throbbing bass-drones, and growling evolved wobbles. These are basses from hell; evil, industrial, complex and dark. All patches use the sample library Polygon ships with. Some demos below (more to come):



Major Malfunction






Chernobyl Birds 2

Fall of Saigon

The bank is available here for free evaluation and casual playing - if you like it and/or plan to use it in your music there is a donation link at the top of this page for you to pay what you think it is worth to you. Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine. NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

Excursions for Padshop Pro

This bank of 231 (so far) presets for Steinberg's granular synth Padshop Pro, has been steadily growing for several years now. The emphasis is on experimentation and many sounds also incorporate vocal textures inspired by Luciano Berio's experimental vocal works. Many sounds have multiple variations created using an exploratory process in NI Kore 2. The majority of patches use the factory samples so anyone can load them, but a few require a small bank of user samples which are included in the ZIP; a sample of a GW Bush speech from the Iraq war, excerpts from the Molly Boom soliloquy from Ullyses, and a Metasynth generated texture. Also included are aupreset versions for Logic users.

Now also includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine).

There are a number of demo sounds below:

Vibe drift

Chaos Machine



Psycho Piano

Guitar Cloud 3

Junkyard Piano

From a Darkened Room

Ghost Organ

and there are 2 fuller compositions on Soundcloud:

Emanations 2

A Downpour in 2 Movements

The bank is downloadable here for free evaluation and casual playing - if you like it and/or plan to use it in your music there is a donation link at the top of this page for you to pay what you think it is worth to you.


Clouds and Clocks for Aalto

This bank of 75 presets for Madrona-Labs Aalto synth is the successor to Drone Machines. As with its predecessor there are still lots of patches that are self generating evolving sounds, but this time some are more textural and cloud-like (or fractal) and very minimalistic, whereas others are more tempo based, polyrhythmic and mechanical. There are also a number of pads and string instruments, some using alternate tunings. Here are some single preset demo sounds:

Chime by Chime

Cloud of Clocks

Clouds 2

Double Chime


Koto Flow


Ragged Runner


Still Small Voice


Time Bomb




The bank is available here for free evaluation and casual playing - if you like it and/or plan to use it in your music there is a donation link at the top of this page for you to pay what you think it is worth to you

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine). NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos


OXIdation for XILs-Lab Oxium

This bank of 64 presets for XILS-Lab Oxium synthesiser covers a wide range of sounds from basses to sequenced soundscapes and effects. Most make use of Oxium's unique and original "Masque" as a modulation source and/or sequencer to create movement and life in the sounds so that even the basses are not static sounds but move and evolve.

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine).
NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

A few demo sounds (more to come):

Beyond lies the Wub


Doom bass

Kinky SEQS


The bank is available here for free evaluation and casual playing - if you like it and/or plan to use it in your music there is a donation link at the top of this page for you to pay what you think it is worth to you.

SEMblance for Arturia Oberheim SEM

This bank of 64 presets (plus a few variations) for Arturia's excellent emulation of the classic Oberheim SEM synthesiser covers a variety of genres and sound types from crazy analog style fx to heavy basses and classic keys.

Here are a few demos of patches:

Beauty Pluck



Depth Charge




Mellotron Flutes


Primal Machine

Quantum Flux


Smooth Operator

Space Swan

Sub Ghost


Unstable Brass



Brass pad




Gentle Guitar



The bank is available here for free evaluation and casual playing - if you like it and/or plan to use it in your music there is a donation link at the top of this page for you to pay what you think it is worth to you.
Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine). NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos. Also I made some aupresets for Logic with version 1 of the SEM, v1 patches also included but the NKS patches only work with V2

Drone Machines for Aalto (updated)

This bank of 128 presets for MadronaLabs Buchla inspired Aalto synthesiseris comprised largely of self generating sounds that drift and evolve slowly (somewhat like Metaphysical Function but synthesised, not based on samples). These are not typical "bread and butter" sounds but mostly subtle sounds that invite quiet contemplation or that create droning, shifting, walls of soundscape. Very much the West Coast sort of sound. Most can just be left to run, others can also be played using the keys and will interact with the player, some also require a key press just to kick them into motion, then will happily carry on playing for a while (try different keys, some like 'Symphony of Snarks' sound very different depending on the notes that initiate them). There are also a few pads and bell-like sounds as well. Several structures also have more than one variation.


Dreamtime 2

Pole of power


Breath Chant

Temple bells 2


Pixie Pad

Tinpot mantra


Mandala 3


The bank is available here for free evaluation and casual playing - if you like it and/or plan to use it in your music there is a donation link at the top of this page for you to pay what you think it is worth to you. This download includes the former free addon bank.

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine). NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

Presets are in Aalto's native mlpreset format which works with the VST version (Windows or Mac) and aupreset format for people using it in Logic and other au only hosts. Once unzipped presets should be placed in their own folder named Drone Machines in the following locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Madrona Labs\Presets


User/Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs

Chromatones for AAS Chromaphone 2 (UPDATED - now 130 patches)

A bank for Applied Acoustics' physical modelling instrument Chromaphone 2. While Chromaphone 2 is designed mainly for percussive sounds I have found that it is also capable of strings and many hybrid sounds so this bank explores some of those areas - from acoustic guitar tones to otherwordly Sitars, stretched gongs and lots of drones.

Download here -
Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine. NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

Chaos Bleeds for Logic Ringshifter (NEW)

30 presets for Logic Pro's wonderful RingMod/Frequency Shifter effect - work well with percussive material but some also sound good with pad sounds

More Logic presets to follow

MF Auralis Remixed (Now working with Reaktor 5.7)

Based on a modified version of Jim Hurley's MF Auralis Reaktor ensemble (which is itself a modified Metaphysical Function) this bank takes 50 of my favourite snapshots from the original ensemble (adding a few of my own) and adds an additional 7 variations each using a Kore 2 template for a total of 400 sounds that can be morphed between in realtime using the Kore controller. I have also imported all 128 of the original snaps so people can use those to create further variations and as a pool for creativity.

Unlike the original Metaphysical Function some of the sounds are also midi controllable so can be used as instruments rather than just sound generators and the ability to morph sounds itself adds a performance element to what was more of an ambient sound generator. 

Please make sure you follow the included textfile with instructions for installation in the Zip - particularly the Reaktor ens file path needs to be in the correct place.

The Zip contains the Reaktor ensemble, a folder with the import of the original MF Auralis snapshots (128 ksd's), and a folder with 50 of my favourite Koresounds with 8 variations each.

Note this is a big file - nearly 400 MB - as it contains the sample map with it.

Many thanks to Jim Hurley for making such an inspiring instrument and for his support throughout this project. This goes out to the Kore community - Kore is not dead!

Update 26/6/11 - if you have already downloaded  this but have had problems with user paths to the Reaktor ensemble here is an updated set of Koresounds that fixes the issue:

you will not need to update the ensemble again - anyone downloading the full package from today the fixed files are now in the ZIP so you won't need this update package.

Omnisphere Voxworks

46 patches so far for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, all on a vocal theme so using singing, choirs sounds, chattering, whispering, chanting etc - although in many cases highly transformed using granularity or other methods so sometimes they sound more like a synth or another instrument. I made use of many of the more esoteric sound sources like the Washing machine "guitar" and bicycle wheel etc and several also use freeze and chaotic capabilities to create shifting, evolving, sometimes unsettling, sometimes very beautiful and unearthly sounds. I mainly made these to fill a gap in Omnisphere which I felt lacked interesting vocal patches (it does have some but not as many as I would have liked) and so they are made for my own music - some are quite dissonant and complex and most are more modern classical oriented - but there are also some very ethereal pad sounds and some that would work well in most music.

There are also 46 KoreSounds with full param mappings and attributes so people with Kore can load these patches (assuming they also have Omnisphere) and play or tweak them further using the Kore controller.


VoxWorks download

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine). NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

VoxWorks for NI Kore 2

Versions converted for NI Kore 2

some demos:


Virsyn Poseidon

Here's a bank of mine for Virsyn Poseidon containing over 50 patches. I have also made KoreSounds for many of these (not all yet). Poseidon is one of my favourite synths and I am continuously making new sounds for it, so I will add to this as I go along, some are works-in-progress.

The zip also contains data analysis patches (vrd format) that need to go in the data folder (this includes a few Virsyn Cube data files with the dev's permission)


SW Poseidon bank 

SW Poseidon bank KoreSounds 

Some music made with single patches is here:

Poseidon KoreSounds

I have also converted the entire Factory bank, the Virsyn factory addons bank and all the free third party banks to KoreSounds using a Kore template provided by Eric Wistrand. I added attributes to these so they are searchable using Kore's librarian features. These can all be downloaded from the Virsyn User Forum

XILs-Lab Corner - sounds for XILS-Lab synths

XILS 3 Unquiet Night (Updated 30/5/16

A bank of 90 patches for XILS-Lab XILS 3 - EMS emulation.  Unashamedly not bread-and-butter sounds - mostly suited to experimenters, progheadz and flying teapotters everywhere. ZIP contains versions for XILS 3 and XILS 3.2 - if you still have XILS3 they sound best in that version, 3.2 made lots of changes to the sound and not all sounds are the same unfortunately, although I have tried to edit some to make them work in the new version a few just can't be fixed.

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine).
NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos


XILS-Lab Synthix - Musings (NEW)

A bank of 40 patches for XILS-Lab's great new Elka Synthex emulation, Synthix.

XILS-Lab PolyKB 2- Morphers (NEW)

A small bank of 10 PolyKB2 patches (so far). Also included in the ZIP are 3 Kore 2 Sounds with 8 morphing variations each.

Humanoid Scanned Synth Pro 2

1 bank so far for this very original synth using the Scanned synthesis technique. I also contributed to the factory bank

Scanners bank


u-he Corner - Sound for u-he synths and effects

DIVA-Nation for u-he DIVA (NEW)

Many of these patches are in the DIVA factory bank but some didn't make it but I still like them and maybe someone else will find a use for them as I am posting them here - also I have made a few edits and changes so some are subtly different

Now includes NKS patches with previews for Native Instruments S Series Keyboards and Maschine (unfortunately aftertouch doesn't work in Maschine). NKS previews kindly generated by NI forum member Christos Adamos

u-he ACE

200 presets for u-he ACE (I also contributed to the Factory bank). All ACE patches now also include NKS versions for NI S Series keyboards and Maschine - these were kindly batch converted by Christos Adamos to NKS but not tagged, I have now sorted them into banks/sub banks and added comprehensive tagging.

ACE 100

This was the first preset bank released for ACE - a mixture of sounds sorted into categories (a few also made the factory bank)

Heavy Industry

49 patches - Mainly heavy noisy industrial, sci fi and mechanical sounds, very much in a "Forbidden Planet" vein

Odds and Sods

50 patches - More of a mixed bag, some acoustic modeling, heavy basses and keys etc


u-he UHBIK

Metal Phish for Uhbik S

G-Spot for Uhbik G

also I have presets in the factory banks of several other Uhbiks


u-he TripleCheese

I've made 2 banks so far for this unique and highly expressive comb based synth. I will probably make more as I can't seem to get enough of this synth. Both banks include NKS versions and previews as well as the Triplecheese patches

Camembert Electrique
 (UPDATED again again)

40 patches with a prog theme - mostly spaced out and proggie sounds but also some great plucked and flutish sounds and even some very phasey and funky clavinets
The Cheese Shop

40 new patches - even though I tried my best in the last bank I felt I could not have fully plumbed the depths of cheese related puns without making a bank called "The Cheese Shop" inspired of course by Monty Python's classic sketch. Be warned - the sounds are mostly "a bit off" - cheese is strangely absent and there's a lot of craziness, but there are also a few more tuneful fromages to the Terpsichorian Muse, not to mention that "bloody bazouki!!".

u-he Tyrell N. 6

Tears in the Rain (NEW) - a small bank for u-he's  free synth, Tyrell N. 6. I suspect the reason for the name should be obvious to any Blade Runner fans. The patches are a mixture of basses, leads, pads, keys, some percussive bells/chimes and sci fi FX sounds. Includes NKS versions of patches for Komplete Kontrol (with previews)

u-he misc banks

ZebraKore remixes vol 1

This is the first set of patches created using u-he Zebra and NI Kore 2. The idea was to use Kore 2 to extend the possibilities of my favourite Zebra patches - so starting from a single patch I created variations for the other 8 slots in the Kore morphpad, ending up with a sound that can be morphed in realtime. Each ZebraKore remix sound is designed to be an instrument in it's own right and I have customised the template for each sound to match the modules used in that particular patch. NB: Although for my personal use I have created KoreSounds based on banks I own, for sharing in public I have only used the factory bank or free third party banks I have permission for. Many thanks to Michael Cavallo for permission to include patches from his excellent Zebra Visions bank. I have also included a few remixes of the factory sounds that were made by Howard Scarr so thanks also to Howard.

u-he ZRev bank

Also I created some KoreSounds using NI Kore 2 demonstrating ways of creating a morphing reverb using ZREV - each sound can morph between 8 spaces with almost infinite variations in between - ZREVMorphs

Zebra Bugz - this was a proof of concept bank created to explore the possibilities of using Zebra as an effect before Zebrify was developed (it has an audio in although technically that was a bug hence the name). I also reworked a few of these to create a small Zebrify bank called Zebri-lo-fi (so far the only Zebrify bank) - both can be downloaded from here:

I also made a demonstration patch using these in NI Kore 2 with the morph controls for extra sonic mayhem - it's in the Zip for the Zebra 2 Koresounds below


ImageLine Ogun - Enharmonic Spaces (NEW)

18 morphing metallic sounds made with Ogun and NI Kore. I've included fst and fxp sounds for Ogun and ksd's for Kore, which also have full attributes, user notes and params mapped and the morphpad set up to change the timbre of the sound with the Kore hardware controller (you can also use the XY in Ogun - most sounds are designed to be morphed and may start a bit simple but become more interesting when done so)

ImageLine Sakura - Hanami

Since the name Sakura that ImageLine's physically modeled string instrument is given, refers to cherry blossom, Hanami seemed particularly apt for a preset bank aimed at showing off the beauty of the instrument. Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, particularly cherry blossom. This bank of 30 presets for Sakura and 30 corresponding Kore Sounds (with attributes, controller mappings etc) includes Asiatic and Western tones, traditional instrument sounds, and new or hybrid sounds impossible to create using sampled instruments.

Hanami for Sakura

Hanami KoreSounds for NI Kore 2

WhiteNoise DoppelMangler Remixed Koresounds (NEW)

This bank takes my favourite presets from Doppelmangler converted into Koresounds for NI Kore 2 and adds additional variations that can be morphed between so you get 8 presets per sound and many more possibilities for mangling and movement. Also Kore 2 overcomes some of the limitations of Doppelmangler's own preset management and enables Doppelmanger to be controlled and played in realtime without needing to open the gui. Based on my template for Doppelmangler (posted in the Kore templates section)

Augur 2 - Prophecy bank 1

Presets made in collaboration with Midiworks for the freeware Prophet VS clone AUGUR by Antti


DASH Signature EVE

Key S Tones. 50 presets; mainly classic piano and keyboard sounds based on a limited sample palette from the default soundset. In bnk and fxb formats.

Miles Beyond. 50 presets; based largely on the HQFS1 soundset but mixed with the default soundset, concentrating mainly on pad, plucked and fx sounds, many influenced by Miles Davis and Mahavishnu Orchestra textures. Note this is an updated version of the first HQFS1 preset bank I made a while back (I was involved in creating the commercial version of this bank). In bnk and fxb formats.


DFX Transverb 3 banks 1 2 3

Made for Smart Electronix amazing delay-buffer effect from the Super Destroy Effects suite. This is one of my favourite effects.


NuSofting ModeloniaHybrids

Presets for the physical modeling instrument Modelonia by DASH Signature
Also for Modelonia - an experimental set of KoreSounds that use NI Kore 2 to enable morphing between various physical models such as from strings to brass or woodwinds - Modelonia Explorers (Updated)


New for Modelonia - Intermorphs - this bank explores sound-spaces in-between traditional acoustic instrument types such as brass and strings or woodwinds and plucked sounds - only possible with a physically modeled instruments

FXPansion OrcaKilla Wails

Presets for FXPansions gutsy experimental monosynth Orca. These are numbered to follow on from the main bank so just drop them in the presets folder.

FXPansion D-Cam Synthsquad

A small collection of Koresounds showing how to create morphs between presets in Cypher - this enables some really complex and organic fx sounds to be created - Cypher Morphs


XOXOS Steamooops I did it (again)!

Some pretty messed up sounding presets for XOXOS' great Fizmo inspired creation, Steam.


Camel Audio

2 banks for Cameleon are in the User Library  - these are Metamorphosis and Industrial

Also in the user library you will find KoreSounds converted by me using my own template for the factory banks for CamelPhat and Camelspace, and the Biolabs Absynth SoundBanks.

Modart Pianoteq 3

A small bank of 12 physically modeled bell, percussion and keyboard sounds


2) Native Instruments Kore templates and Sounds


These are templates for various plugin instruments and effects to enable them to be used in NI Kore 2. They serve both as a layout for the hardware controller and as a template for the creation of your own sounds or importing presets from the plugin (where supported). They ensure that every time you load that plugin it will be set up with the appropriate parameters already mapped to controls.

April 2016 update - I have combined all my latest Kore templates into 3 packs for convenience:

Kore templates April 2016 - this is mainly instruments - there are over 95 here now

Kore templates uhe 2016 - I collected all my templates for u-he plugins in one pack

Kore templates Komplete Kontrol pack - these are templates that enabled controlling plugins inside Komplete Kontrol using Kore 2 - this way you get to use Komplete Kontrols uptodate database for NKS plugins but can control it using the Kore hardware (for people like me who don't have a S series keyboard)

I have made templates so far for over 100 synths and effects including:

u-he Filterscape effects and synth


u-he MFM2 delay effect

u-he Uhbik effect plugin suite

u-he Zebra 2 synth (including templates for Zebrify, ZRev and Zebralette, a tutorial guide on how to use it in Kore and some demonstration KoreSounds)

u-he ACE synth

u-he TripleCheese

u-he Zebra CM

all u-he Kore templates (apart from ZebraCM) along with some tutorials and demo patches can be downloaded from the u-he patch library here

u-he Tyrell N6 (NEW)

Kore template for u-he's new free synth Tyrell N6

The synth itself can be downloaded from here

u-he DIVA (NEW) - the new VA from u-he - template here


additional Kore templates:

Templates for Native Instruments Reaktor ensembles:

Reaktor LazerBass - this zip contains the Kore template with all params mapped plus the complete factory banks converted to KoreSounds with attributes

Reaktor Prism - a comprehensive template for Reaktor's newest physical modelling ensemble. The template can be used to control Prism while playing it as well as to convert the banks of snapshots to KoreSounds. However Prism also responds very well to preset morphing which adds to its already formidable capabilities as a performance synth, so you can also use the template to set up variations that wil respond to the Kore controller in real time. I have also made 3 example KoreSounds, each with 8 morphing variations, showing some of the expressive potential this has musically

Update - the above templates and ksd's use the original Prism Player file but if you want to save new snaps (assuming you have the full Reaktor) you need to convert it to a full ensemble (.ens format) in Reaktor so I've also made a template for the .ens version - this will only work if you have the full Reaktor - Reaktor Prism ens template

Prism Mikro Morphs - this bank of 72 KoreSounds is for Reaktor Prism and Ni Kore 2 - it is based on the free bank for Prism Mikro converted to KoreSound format but each Sound has 8 morphing variations and uses a much more comprehensive Kore template for Prism than the one NI have provided enabling full control of params. It was made with the full version of Prism so I am not certain if it will also work with the free version "Mikro Prism"

Reaktor Spark

Templates for the Reaktor Player and Ensemble versions (note these are not based on the Kore Soundpack versions but were independently created for the new R2 versions and offer more comprehensive control of all parameters)

Metaphysical Function Stereo - MF Eternity Morphed

This bank of 30 KoreSounds builds on the MF Eternity bank for Metaphysical Function Stereo made by Simon Stockhausen but adds 7 more variations per patch for a total of 8 morphing variations. They only work with a modified version of the ensemble that has automation fully enabled - that can be downloaded from the Reaktor user library here

Follow the instructions on the User library page to add these sounds to Kore 2.

Reaktor Razor

Here's a draft version of a Kore template for controlling NI's new ensemble for Reaktor, Razor, in Kore 2. It was a bit complicated to create so is not perfect yet - Razor works fine in Kore but not all params are automatable and the layout is not well optimised for Kore so I have had to make some compromises. Because there are so many osc and filter types available I have made some user pages do multiple duty for all OSCS and also for filters that have the same layout/auto ID's but it doesn't work for all so some filters have their own user pages. It should be fairly straightforward though.

The zip contains a version for the nkplr (Player) version and one for an ens version as personally I like to work with the ens version as I like to then be able to mod it but some may only have the Player. I have provided a path for where I placed my ens version but you should be able to change it. This template can be used to import all the Snaps as KoreSounds as well as to control this very playable synth.

Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 

Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 AU template (NEW)

Kore template for Cakewalk's new version of the Z3TA+ synth - this is a comprehensive template covering most automatable params which means it has 44 user pages on 2 levels, a performance level with global and performance controls, and an editing level for sound design.

The top level performance pages include knobs mapped to multiple params for extra impact and a working morph grid. These are: XY pad, volume, all waveshaper XY's, all filters, and a global FX level knob.The morph grid is mapped to the XY pad. The bottom (plugin) level of the template contains the full 44 pages of mapped params for fine control or sound design.

AAS Chromaphone (NEW) - the new physically modeled instrument for percussive sounds

Arturia Oberheim SEM (NEW) - template for the new VA from Arturia

Madrona Labs Aalto (NEW)

This is a template for Madrona Labs' amazing new semi-modular patchable synth Aalto. Aalto is probably the closest thing you can get to a Buchla right now in plugin-land. According to the site: "Aalto's sound engine lets you create sounds that have been difficult or impossible to make with softsynths before now. The heart of Aalto is a Buchla-inspired complex oscillator, with FM, timbre and waveshape controls that enable a wide range of expressive sounds. These sounds are uniquely malleable and alive, in part because they are made with dynamic calculation, not static wavetables". It also has a built in sequencer and many sounds are very alive and moving. This template enables full control of every param, knobs and buttons, from the Kore controller, as well as for you to start saving KoreSounds with it.

2C Aether reverb - this template is set up with 8 morphing variations as an example of how you can create morphing spaces with this plugin when used in Kore 2

Arturia Prophet V (note this is for version 1 as I do not have version 2 - it might be compatible but I have no way of telling for sure)

Camel Audio Alchemy

Camel Audio CamelPhat 3

Camel Audio Camelspace

Camel Audio Cameleon 5000

FXPansion DCam SynthSquad (updated - added FUSOR template)

NewSonicarts Granite granular synthesiser (updated - x64 bit AU only)

ImageLine Harmless

ImageLine Harmor (NEW)

Imageline Ogun

ImageLine Sytrus (updated)

ImageLine Sakura (NEW)

ImageLine Morphine (NEW)


impOSCar 2 (NEW) - template for updated version of this awesome synth. I might make one for the fx version too if there is sufficient interest

Steinberg Hypersonic 2

NuSofting Modelonia

Terratec Komplexor (use version - in later versions automation is broken)

Spectrasonics Omnisphere (updated to version 1.5) This is a comprehensive Kore template mapping almost all the params worth mapping for layers A and B. Best if you want to go in depth into the Zoom views and more comolex modulations etc.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere performer version
(NEW) Save and morph between Orb positions in realtime! This is a more streamlined Kore template that just maps the main params useful for live playing but doesn't go into as much detail as the above version. Maps 60 odd params instead of well over 200. The reason being is after some testing I found it impossible to save Orb positions to the variations pad with the full template which turned out to be because so many params mapped were clashing with the Orb's mappings (essentially Kore and Omnisphere were fighting each other over the same mappings). So I've aimed for a tradeoff here - cut down to the bare minimum it is possible to save Orb position variations but hopefully without sacrificing too much functionality. So with this template you can:

1) Save up to 8 "sweet spots" as patch variations (so creating, in effect, "Metapatches" that can then be saved as KoreSounds)
2) Morph in realtime between them (with inertia turned off of course)
3) Create a more precise path for the Orb cursor to follow than you can just relying on the inertia settings
4) If you have the Kore controller it also means you can have hands-on control over the Orb (and other params) without even needing to have the gui and computer screen open.

Vember Audio Surge (updated)

Big Tick Rhino

Rob Papen Blue

Scanned Synth Pro 2

Access Virus Ti plugin

WhiteNoise Doppelmangler (this is set up with the morphpad controlling the Mangle FX sliders for easy sound mangling. However note this is set up for demonstration purposes - if you use this template to import any Doppelmangler presets as KoreSounds be sure to delete the snaps first and create your own otherwise it will change the sound of the preset)

WhiteNoise Zerovector

ZeroVector + Wusik VM
- this is an alternative version with additional preset management capabilities provided by Wusik VM. You will need this in your VST folder too for this template to function

WhiteNoise Additive (NEW)

GrooveCube Exciton 2

Tone 2 Firebird (note this is wrapped in Wusik VM to enable proper preset management so you need Wusik VM installed too for it to work)


Augur 2

Abakos Pro

Concrete FX Kubik 2.5 (updated)

reFX Claw

PSP Nitro - complex filter and multi effect (NEW)

FabFilter One Full and CM Edition (NEW) - same template works for both

Linplug Alpha 3 CM Edition (NEW)

SugarBytes Artillery 2 CM Edition (NEW) - includes 2 example patches made with morphing snaps - results are a bit unpredictable though - could be used as a poor man's "The Finger"

discoDSP Discovery Pro (NEW) - this template enables comprehensive control of all 4 layers of the synth

AAS String Studio (NEW)

Little Endian SpectrumWorx 2 (UPDATED for v2.6)
- controls this sophisticated modular multi effect. This template takes advantage of the clever way automation params are allocated in SpectrumWorx which is based on position rather than module - so although there are many different modules it will always be set up to control what is loaded

AudioDamage Discord 3
(NEW) - this zip contains a Kore template for this granular pitch shifting plugin and the factory sounds, imported and converted to KoreSounds using the template

Admiral Quality PolyAna
(NEW) - template for this complex beast of a VA. This synth has over 230 params so I have prioritised the ones most useful for performance to keep it down to 12 user pages - otherwise it would not be very usable

KORG Legacy Collection templates
(new and updated)

Although Kore 2 comes with user pages for all the Korg Legacy collection synths except for the MonoPoly they are limited to one or two simple pages and do not cover all editable params. These do. In the case of the M1 this is still limited as most params are not automatable unfortunately, and in the case of the Wavestation the Kore User page covers everything already, but the others will have considerably more editability and playability with these templates. KORG LC presets are also importable so you can use these templates as a starting point for converting all your KORE LC presets to KoreSounds.



KORG Polysix

KORG MonoPoly


KORG Legacy Cell

Template for performing with this excellent emulation of the RSF PolyKobol Analog synthesizer with its morphing oscillators

Template for performing with this excellent emulation of the EMS Synthi modular analog synthesizer

XILS-Lab Synthix (NEW)
Template for performing with this excellent emulation of the Elka Synthex analog synthesizer

3) Kore templates by Losan (NI forum member)

Ohmforce Ohmicide Factory Content

Here is the complete Ohmforce Ohmicide Content (120 Metapatches) saved as koresounds with dedicated control pages for all parameters. With kind permission by Ohmforce. Thanks to Losan for making and posting these.

FabFilter Timeless 2 Factory Bank

Converted to Koresounds by Losan

FabFilter Twin 2 Factory Bank

Converted to Koresounds by Losan

Spectrasonics Atmosphere Library

Losan converted the entire Atmosphere library to Koresounds with full attributes for easy searching - this is just for the original plugin Atmosphere and will not work for the Atmosphere library sounds in Omnisphere

Linplug Alpha 3

Kore template for controlling Linplug Alpha 3 synth

Linplug MorpheX

Kore template for controlling Linplug MorpheX synth. The zip also includes a .ndp format file for MorpheX - ndp is Kore's built-in controller format - read instructions in zip

SugarBytes Effectrix

A template and the entire factory sounds converted to KoreSounds for this multi effect plugin

G-Force VSM - Virtual String Machine

Zip contains a Kore template in .ksd and ndp formats for this emulation of various classic string synths - read instructions for installation. The entire factory content converted to KoreSounds can be downloaded from G-Force's site here with kind permission of Dave Spiers:

Virsyn Reflect

Kore template and factory patches for this hybrid reverb plugin converted to KoreSounds by Losan

More Kore Templates can be found in the dedicated thread at the NI Kore Forum 

4) Reaktor Ensembles

WilderBeast 2006

This is a mod of the
original Reaktor 3 ensemble by David Hobson (not the Signature version) but with a brand new R5 interface and some extra features courtesy of the hugely talented Donovan Stringer as well as an updated bank of 128 patches - about half from the original (though some further edited to take advantage of Reaktor 4 and 5's unison features) and the rest by myself. Donovan has also started a second bank and I will be adding more when I get a chance. There is now a new delay and filter unit (borrowed from Kaleidon) which adds much more flexibility and a smoother sound to the patches and Donovan has also added an Overdrive section that can be turned on or off as required, which really adds extra bite to many of the sounds (though use with caution)

This is a very flexible synth that can create sounds ranging from classic analog phatness to huge pads/soundscapes to spaced out EMS Synthi on steroids type sounds. Endless modulation possibilities and great fun though very deep too.

As this is such a complex beast the new gui has a lot of user friendly features to help tame it - full tooltips, clearer layout, separate randomising scopes for synth and effects, a userguide for the modulation matrix (which is now on panel B) and tooltips showing assignments, switchable interface for Oscs, filters and LFO's etc

MetaToy 2

Glitchy and Scratchy meet Theramin and Mash it up!
MetaToy 2 is based on an old R3 ensemble but rebuilt with new GUI, patches etc. It's capable of generating similar visuals to Metaphysical Function but unlike MF is not designed to just run and generate ambient sounds - you create your own sounds and visuals by scratching on the screen and/or using your midi keyboard (I tend to use both at once, mouse in one hand and midi keyboard with the other). The filter is also XY controllable.

This is a very expressive instrument and even very tiny subtle movements can radically shift the sound - and also just holding the mouse in one place can generate variations of pattern and sound for many patches. On the other hand wildly scratching around with the mouse can create sonic mayhem (watch the speakers though). So try everything - its made to be played with!

The sound can be a bit like MF but its mainly generated by pitch shifting and filtering and doesn't incorporate samples so it's probably more suited to whacked out space type sound effects and scratchy tape fx sounds.

Stephen Wey