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This is a musical journey into hell. Starting with 7 seconds of spin – then spinning out of control, ending with the bombs falling on Babylon. 

Based on just one 7 second sample from a George W Bush speech where he says "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussain was involved in September 11th". Then treated with a variety of granular effects in Reaktor – the various takes layered and mastered in Tracktion.

No synths or other sounds involved – every sound, tonal and non tonal is derived from that one sample of Bush's voice treated in various ways - I never realised he could sound so musical!


This is a piece made with Native Instruments Massive to show off its gentler side.

Lost Souls

Two Voices

I started work on these in the aftershock of the Asian tsunami. Although not originally intended as one piece I feel they form counterparts so keep them together. Composed using a limited palette of sounds (mostly with a haunting voice like quality) and with a restricted range of expression - they express emotion through their subtlety of tonal variation rather than through grand gesture. Instruments used - Zarg Solaris 3 - Mastered in Tracktion 2 using Flatblaster 2 (from NI Reaktor 5)


Transformation – struggling to make music with a broken hand – then making that struggle into music. Like musical Raku - the flaws help bring it to life. "Insects" courtesy of DFX Transverb.


A dada piece based on an excerpt from a reading and lecture by Anselm Hollo; focusing on his early years and the historical movement and influence of dada, recorded by the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

There are two vocal sample based tracks - each resonating with but offset from the other. I've tried to preserve one of the tracks intact and mirrored it with a Grainstates track offset a few bars. I love Hollo's voice and delivery and didn't want to mess too much with that. Strangely I recorded the ambient background and Pianoish bit first and was pleased to find that when I edited and trimmed the section of his lecture I wanted to use (which is about an hour long in total) it fitted remarkably well. I thought it was more in keeping with Dada approaches and "found" sounds to do it this reversed way than to simply follow the speech patterns in the music.

Made with Tracktion and several Reaktor ensembles.

Piano(ish) sounds - Amphitryon
Bleeps, twangs and background ambience - Twanger (2 tracks)
Processed vocal sample - Grainstates FX
Mastering – Flatblaster


A conversation between a Melancholic piano and Spektral Delay.

Textures 3

Sort of jazzy Reaktoria - saxlike solo built up over a kind of smudged drum-n-bass-ish texture.

Ten Bagatelles – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

This is a series of ten short sketches made while playing around with DFX Transverb and making patches. Each piece uses a different patch and the mood is set by my response to the patch. They are intended as musical conversations between myself and transverb so they have a loosely contrapuntal form. Each piece is one minute long.

When I paint I tend not to use frames or regular edges and I wanted each piece to be similar in that each piece has no clearly defined beginning or ending using standard musical conventions like fade ins/outs, intros or conclusions – music without frames. I just set EnergyXT to record for a minute and with some even began playing before pressing record and most just cut off when it gets to the end of the minute. Think of them as if you are just catching a snapshot of a conversation between two people as you walk past them.

They could even be looped to continue playing indefinitely.

If you're going...

This is a piece in the vein of "Donut" - another DADA inspired piece using found samples of a speech treated using Reaktor's granular effects and built up into layers. As before the aim was to interact musically with the speech patterns and content but without intentionally writing a "backing track" - rather the musical elements were created seperately and fitted afterwards based largely on meter.

Although originally intended as a satirical piece I found myself captivated by this woman's little quirks of speech - which the granular layers pick out and accentuate - and although it has a funny and absurd side to it I get a real feeling of poignancy and sadness from it too. A homage to days that never were.


More pretty moody stuff

Narziss and Goldmund

Two one minute long tone poems based on impressions of the great semi-autobiographical novel by Herman Hesse.

Guitar Improvs 1

Almost "pretty" compared to everything else here :) Just improvising to one of Harm Visser’s lovely physically modelled patches for Tassman 4 – "Steel string"


Also improvised using one of Harm Visser’s patches for Tassman – a clarinet (clarinet 2) – I found to my delight that this patch exhibits some seriously non-linear behaviour when pushed so I pushed it a lot and got some wonderful bloops and blurps as well as some very non-clarinet like sounds and a few extremely loud and nasty noises too – so watch your speakers!

TimeCloud - 1

Nothing much happening here – this is all about being, not doing. Composed using a semi algorithmic approach.

Infinity - 1 - 2 - 3

3 more minimalistic (self-similar) algorithmic pieces - each 20 minutes long.


Composed in a semi-trance state using Tassman 4 and just letting go – playing a repetitive phrase with my left hand and improvising around it with the right – creating resonances, harmonics and feedback along the way.

Low Flying Ghost

I made this a while back and just came across it again – I can’t remember what I used for this but I think it was something from Reaktor.

Matrix trilogy – Machine City – I can still see the light – Endgame

These are not based on the whole trilogy but on the sequence near the end where Neo and Trinity are searching for the Machine City – made using single presets from EVE


A galaxy in a grain of sand

Miles beyond – Rachel’s theme – Verklarte Nachte – Various demos

All just sketches and demo’s made while making presets for a new soundbank for Dash Signature EVE


Henry Cow inspired guitar chaos

Stephen Wey